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Sciatica is a condition that is characterized by pain originating in the low back or buttocks with symptoms felt down one or both legs. It’s known as sciatica as it is caused by irritation to the sciatic nerve. The nerve is a large collection of fibers that originate in the low back, travel down the thigh and calf, and extend to the foot. The sciatic nerve provides brain-body communication to and from the muscles, connective tissues, blood vessels and skin for most of the lower body.

Dr. Lowery often sees patients presenting with sciatica. Symptoms related to this condition vary from person to person. The pain may be dull, achy, diffuse, sharp, localized, or specific.  You may feel an electric-shock sensation that shoots down the leg. Your leg may endure a burning, tingling, or numb sensation.

There are several potential sources of sciatica-like symptoms. The first is direct irritation of the sciatic nerve. This could be caused by lumbar disc herniations, degenerative joint disease, spinal misalignment, or muscle spasms. Other conditions that resemble sciatic nerve pain include muscle trigger points, referred pain from lumbar or pelvic joints, diabetes, constipation, or tumors.

If your back or leg pain is making you lean to one side to find relief, and the pain hurts worse when you cough, sneeze or strain, you most likely have true sciatic nerve irritation. If the symptoms in your leg do not travel past your knee, chances are sciatic nerve irritation is not the main cause.

To distinguish true sciatic nerve irritation from other causes of sciatica, Dr. Lowery will conduct a thorough history and physical exam including neurological tests on your legs. Another common test that usually reveals sciatic nerve irritation is the straight leg raise test. When your leg is raised off the table and your flexibility is limited by the painful symptoms, there is a good chance the sciatic nerve is being irritated by your low back or pelvis. If these tests are inconclusive, you may be referred for imaging.

If it’s determined that your case of sciatica involves the joints and/or discs of your low back or pelvis, Dr. Lowery will suggest an initial course of chiropractic treatment. By applying quick, controlled pressure to the joints in specific directions, he can alleviate excessive pressure on the joints, discs or nerves caused by misalignment or restriction. Research has consistently shown that people with low back pain can benefit significantly from chiropractic care.

Recovering from sciatica can be a long and painful process. In addition to receiving treatment, there are a couple of things you can do at home to help speed recovery. Ice therapy and nutritional supplements are often recommended. Applying a cold pack to the area for 10-15 minutes each hour may provide relief. Omega-3 supplements can help reduce inflammation. When it comes to any condition involving the spine, including sciatica, Dr. Lowery can provide all the advice you need.

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