The S.M.A.R.T. Way to Achieve New Year’s Resolutions

Have you made your resolutions for this year? If you have, you are among the 40-45% of Americans that make at least one resolution each year. Whether you plan to lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more, or manage your money better, we are all aware of scarcity of success stories when it comes to these goals.

In fact, within one week, only 75% remain on track. At one month the number drops to 64%. By six months, only 46% remain on track.

The good news is that the same research shows that people who make resolutions are 10 times more likely to achieve their goals than people who don’t.

No matter what your goal is, if you use the S.M.A.R.T system, Tallahassee can achieve the goals that we set out for this year.


You cannot hit a target if you do not define it. Being specific with your goals sharpens your focus and improves the chances of success. (Example: I will see Dr. Lowery for chiropractic adjustments every month to improve my health. )


Secondly, quantify what you would like to achieve. Saying that you want to exercise more is not the same as saying that you want to attend 3 classes a week at Sweat Therapy, or lose 15 pounds and 3 inches off my waistline.

How will you know if you’ve reached your goal if you cannot measure it? Another perk to measuring your achievements is creating smaller milestones along the way. Divide and conquer!!


One of the rewards of goal setting is the feeling of success when you achieve it. If you set unrealistic expectations, it is not likely you will experience those feelings in the end. This is just a way to set yourself up for failure. A 125 pound

A 125 pound 35-year-old should not make their goal to walk on to the Florida State football team as starting quarterback.


Simply put, is your goal meaningful? If your goal will have a significant impact on your life in the coming weeks, months, or years, you will be more likely to invest the time and energy into achieving it.


As we have all heard, a goal without a timeline is just a wish. A specific timeline creates a sense of urgency and slashes one of the largest enemies to progress: procrastination.

At Lowery Chiropractic, we recommend making a point to take care of your health in the upcoming year.

Remember to:

  • Get regular chiropractic adjustments
  • Exercise regularly (Movement prolongs the life of all body systems)
  • Eat a healthy diet (Maintain good health and prevent disease)
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water (The body is 65% water)
  • Think positively (Good thoughts lead to good feelings which lead to good health)
  • Sleep 7-9 hours per night (Sleep allows the body to restore itself)

Finally, as you are wishing Happy New Year to your friends and family around Tallahassee, focus on being HAPPY!!

Start by appreciating all you have now and look forward to what the upcoming year and resolutions will bring to your life.

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