The S.M.A.R.T. Way to Achieve New Year’s Resolutions

Have you made your resolutions for this year? If you have, you are among the 40-45% of Americans that make at least one resolution each year. Whether you plan to lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more, or manage your money better, we are all aware of scarcity of success stories when it comes to these goals.

In fact, within one week, only 75% remain on track. At one month the number drops to 64%. By six months, only 46% remain on track.

The good news is that the same research shows that people who make resolutions are 10 times more likely to achieve their goals than people who don’t.

No matter what your goal is, if you use the S.M.A.R.T system, Tallahassee can achieve the goals that we set out for this year.


You cannot hit a target if you do not define it. Being specific with your goals sharpens your focus and improves the chances of success. (Example: I will see Dr. Lowery for chiropractic adjustments every month to improve my health. )


Secondly, quantify what you would like to achieve. Saying that you want to exercise more is not the same as saying that you want to attend 3 classes a week at Sweat Therapy, or lose 15 pounds and 3 inches off my waistline.

How will you know if you’ve reached your goal if you cannot measure it? Another perk to measuring your achievements is creating smaller milestones along the way. Divide and conquer!!


One of the rewards of goal setting is the feeling of success when you achieve it. If you set unrealistic expectations, it is not likely you will experience those feelings in the end. This is just a way to set yourself up for failure. A 125 pound

A 125 pound 35-year-old should not make their goal to walk on to the Florida State football team as starting quarterback.


Simply put, is your goal meaningful? If your goal will have a significant impact on your life in the coming weeks, months, or years, you will be more likely to invest the time and energy into achieving it.


As we have all heard, a goal without a timeline is just a wish. A specific timeline creates a sense of urgency and slashes one of the largest enemies to progress: procrastination.

At Lowery Chiropractic, we recommend making a point to take care of your health in the upcoming year.

Remember to:

Finally, as you are wishing Happy New Year to your friends and family around Tallahassee, focus on being HAPPY!!

Start by appreciating all you have now and look forward to what the upcoming year and resolutions will bring to your life.


Shooting Back Pains?

Sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction is typically a very painful condition involving the joints that connect your spine to your pelvis. The sacroiliac joints are formed by the sacrum, a bone at the bottom of the spine, and the large iliac bones, located on the left and right of the pelvis. Because of their anatomical position, SI joints can sometimes be considered part of your lower back or your pelvis. These joints support the upper body when sitting or standing.

If you have SI joint dysfunction, you may feel pain in various parts of your lower body, including the spine, buttocks, hips, groin and legs.

Many patients presenting with SI joint pain tend to think they either have sciatica or “tail-bone” pain. Although it can resemble other conditions, SI joint dysfunction is a distinct condition of its own. Your chiropractor needs to use keen diagnostic skills to diagnose the SI joints as the source of your pain.

Why suffer with back pain?

What Causes SI Joint Dysfunction?
SI joint dysfunction is often caused by a fall or injury, but it can also appear without a clear cause. Postural changes due to increased abdominal size can irritate these joints, as can muscle imbalances in the legs, lower back or hips. Sporting activities that require frequent use of these joints, such as golfing and cycling, may result in SI joint dysfunction.’

This joint problem often affects pregnant women. Hormonal changes occurring during pregnancy can cause ligaments to relax. When this happens, the SI joints have a more extended range of motion.  This broader flexibility can lead to abnormal wear and stress on these joints.

Fortunately, chiropractic can help in this situation. A study revealed “91% of women with sacroiliac/pelvic subluxations and lower back pain reported relief of pain with chiropractic adjustments.”

The Chiropractic Approach to a Baffling Condition

How does your chiropractor determine if you suffer from sacroiliac joint dysfunction?

Providing a detailed health history is helpful. Many times, a correct diagnosis can be drawn from the history alone. A physical examination will often be conducted to thoroughly exhaust all the various causes of the pain. Your chiropractor may ask detailed questions about the pain and direct you to point to the painful areas.

If your pain can be reproduced by special tests that challenge the integrity of the SI joints, you’ll find that this increases your odds of having a dysfunction of these joints. Applying direct pressure to the SI joints is one of the techniques used by chiropractors to resolve the problem.

The goal is to normalize both the movement and position of this area. You may be required to complete stretching and strengthening exercises for your lower back and pelvic areas to correct posture problems and gait patterns that may contribute to the inflammation of these joints. If instability of the SI joints is thought to be the cause of the pain, your chiropractor may recommend that you wear a special belt around your waist to stabilize the joints.

Can You Stop SI Problems Before They Happen?
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” said the wise Ben Franklin. Your chiropractor suggests a couple of simple ways to minimize your chances of developing this painful problem.

Keep your body in good physical condition. This helps prevent many problems related to joints, muscles and bones. The second piece of advice is to shed excess pounds. Too much body weight places pressure on the joints and increases the possibility of damage.

By getting chiropractic adjustments and following your chiropractor’s advice, you boost your chances of living a life virtually free of muscle and joint pain.

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