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We can help you with the following types of pain

Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, nerve pain, chronic pain, Headaches (due to migraine or tension), tingling, numbness, dizziness, pregnancy pains and colic baby, whiplash, sports and fitness injuries, sciatica, carpal tunnel, herniated disc and many other health problems.

We are always ready to help you whether your pain is hereditary, caused by the aging process, repetitive strain, car accident, sports injury or any other reason. Take a path to your excellent health and call us.

Spinal Adjustments

We will provide you with advanced spinal correction using traditional chiropractic methods and techniques as well as state of the art technologies. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the level of expertise and help that now exists. It’s safer, more effective, and more comfortable than ever before. You should definitely schedule an appointment if:

  • You can’t lead a normal life because of chronic or episodic headaches which can last for hours or even days. We will help ease, and prevent future episodes through sessions of spinal adjustments. REMOVE the burden of all types of headaches, including migraines.
  • You’re tired of aching or severe pain in the lower back that starts after sudden movement, lifting a heavy object, physical activity, and it worsens when sitting, standing or bending backward;
  • You have a poor posture due to your sitting job, you want to treat scoliosis and to prevent its progression;
  • Your neck hurts as you are constantly talking on the phone, sometimes it becomes worse even after sleep;
  • You were injured during a car accident and desire to fully recover;
  • You’ve slipped or fallen during fitness or sporting activities, and now you feel constant pain, can’t properly walk, bend or twist;
  • You were diagnosed with degenerative changes of the spine or osteoporosis;
  • You have been diagnosed with round ligament pain, back pain, sciatica, or other pregnancy related health problems. You can’t sleep or walk and can’t take loads of painkillers, as it can harm the baby.

About Lowery Chiropractic & Our Mission

Naturally healing Chiropractic care


Our mission is to provide safe, effective, and affordable chiropractic care in Tallahassee. Our goal is to facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal itself by treating the patient and not just the symptoms. We educate patients on their condition and encourage them to take an active role in their health and well-being.

Dr. Lowery, Tallahassee's Family Chiropractor


Chiropractic care is proven safe for the entire family. It is our goal to have each and every member of your family get the most out of life by staying healthy. We will accomplish this through spinal adjustments, massage therapies, corrective excercises, nutritional advices, and lifestyle recommendations.

Prevent future pain with natural Chiropractic care


Dr. Lowery focuses on the cause of pain, not the symptoms. He has a profound experience in all areas of chiropractic care, and uses traditional chiropractic methods as well as advanced technologies to heal you. Our friendly and professional staff will make your experience enjoyable and comfortable.

Spine points


Our goal is to facilitate your body’s natural ability to heal itself by correcting the root problem. We will encourage you to take an active role in your health and well-being through spinal adjustments, corrective exercises, massage, physical rehabilitation and therapy, nutritional advice, and lifestyle recommendations.

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Dr. Lowery is a healthcare professional who can stop or alleviate your pain quickly by treatment through manipulation of the spine and the use of therapy modalities.

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